It’s really easy to rush in an make an assumption about what someone says or does, what they are thinking and why, etc. and as assumptions go, they are never likely to be in your corner. You know? Think about it.

I got a text the other day from an unknown number. The person sending it identified themselves as the Director of a camp I am preparing to speak at the beginning of August. All they said in their text was: “When you have a moment, can you call me?” and they gave their name. That was all it took. My mind took over from there.

WHY are they wanting me to call them? WHAT did I do?” IT WAS A NEGATIVE FEELING and negative feelings lead to negative thoughts and as back stories go, there was one. “I’ve probably pushed the envelope too far and they now don’t want me to speak.” Real thought.

So I called and they answered. Polite. It was nothing at all to do with my topic or my speaking or my qualifications or if I was the RIGHT one for the part. They wanted to ask me about the SERVICE DOGS THAT I RAISE. NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH SPEAKING or TOPICS or ENVELOPE PUSHING. See…

I have allowed a few people’s verbal opinions of what and how I share/teach taint an amazing opportunity I have with this camp to the point that my lens has been a little skewed. I have been quick to assume I won’t be welcomed because with them, I have not FELT welcomed.  All of that sounds legit but really, it’s just a way for me to blame my own insecurities on someone else. Truth is: I have believed the lie that I am not good enough, or knowledgeable enough or ANYTHING enough to step up tho that size platform when in reality, I KNOW that is why God has given me the opportunity. I need to just show up me. Which I can do.

Because really, we tend to make it about THIS and Jesus tends to make it about THAT…

Our hearts are His focus and consumption.

So lesson of the day…don’t assume. Do your very best not to let your mind wander and form opinions that grip you with fear or worry and as far as the back story goes…remember WHO you are. Different is good. You are not to look or sound like anyone else nor are you to have the same thoughts. Part of WHO I AM as a perspective shifter is to bring a new thought to the table that gets people to have THEIR OWN CONVERSATION WITH JESUS. Seriously, we have all been W-A-Y over-fed by others. I have never been one to ingest and be done because all that does is create a lazy and fat Church and I am not fat nor lazy. Seriously, if you aren’t being challenged and if you aren’t just a little squeemish …why would you ever forge for your own food? If I would have just remembered WHY I was invited, I would not have allowed the back story breed fear into that text which made my mind go to the very worst.

Behind every assumption is a lie lurking in the corner. If you want to walk free; freedom from fear, stress and worry; freedom to be WHO you were created to be…go after the lie and expose it for what it is. Go slow and go for the root. Sometimes we just want the fix so we can be done, and when we do…we hurry and miss the back story. A back story that is missed or goes unseen will make its way around again on a different day, in a different situation. GUARANTEED. It is worth the time it takes to sort.

Happy Unpacking-