August is a seeker of intensity: intense relationships, intense living, and intense love. Her ability to take the mundane everyday tasks and discover the life gem is a gift that she shares with her words. Struggles that most people choose to keep private, she exposes in a way that is encouraging and sometimes comical.

She’s a Mama of five and states with great sincerity, “Motherhood is my greatest accomplishment in life.” Life’s been a little upside down and out of sorts for her and her family but they are trying to find their way and navigate a new normal. When she’s not behind the helm of her boat, you can find her with a good book in her hands, playing or training the Seeing Eye puppies she raises or contemplating the fact that she still buys running shoes for a race she no longer trains for and enjoys being in bed by 9:00 PM. She works at a local Beer Stube for fun, enjoys talking to people she doesn’t know and struggles doing things because she should. Like Church, which she is quietly figuring out.

Want to know something that most people don’t? She hates camping, even though she used to camp all the time which is crazy since she also loves being outside gawking at clouds, and spending the day on the water. Jumping bugs and mean people aren’t her thing but coffee and shopping definitely are.