People will try to bait you and then get mad when you don’t bite.

What do that mean?

It means there’s an expectation about how you are going to respond to what they just said or did and when it doesn’t go the way they envisioned, well…

We’ve all been on the receiving end of passive-aggressive or often volatile feedback.

How do I know?

Takes one to know one.

It would piss me off to no end when there wasn’t a response or the response wasn’t the one that I had wanted.

To. No. End.

And usually, when I took the time and asked myself WHY I was getting so upset at their response, it was because my motives were usually in the wrong place to begin with and my snide little comments or actions were a sad attempt at begging for something that I thought I needed. And to be honest, if my motives weren’t great, why would anyone with one ounce of conscious awareness throw me a bone? They shouldn’t.

Some things are about you. If you don’t respond well…it’s best practice to look at the hard things that have to do with you so next time you can do better. It doesn’t matter how small you want your circle to be, no one likes to stand beside someone whom continually places blame on another and refuses to look at their own motives and take responsibility for their actions.

But if you’re on the other end and choose not to engage in other people’s behavior because you refuse to get wrapped up in their crazy…walk away. You don’t owe them an explanation. Most times, all an explanation does is feed their need for a certain type of response from you. Don’t engage their insecurities. Wish them well, keep your heart open and tarry on.

You are not a fish. Don’t bite.