I saw him standing by the door, waiting, so I approached him a little slowly. Who is this strange man on my doorstep? “Can I help you sir?” He obliged with a smile and slowly shrugged his shoulders while standing in front of me. “I was delivering your parts today and I forgot one of them. It’s not the companies fault, it is mine. I completely forgot to put it in the van.”

He was a breath of fresh air on this chilly Spring day and I said, “It’s ok. It happens to all of us.”

Lest not we forget that it does.

But unfortunately, many of us do. Many of us forget or ignore all together we have a part.

The other week I had someone call our office and complain about one of our drivers’ not stopping to pick up their student. It just so happens that driver was ME, and guess what? I DID stop. ON TIME. But it supposedly wasn’t their fault their student missed the bus, it was easier to default to it being someone else wrong doing.


Got kids? Then you understand.

Friends, is this fair? Of course not but what in life is, right? I had a choice to make in it? I had to honestly look at my part…did I make that stop and was I on time? Yes. I’m really sorry that student missed the bus but I showed up and did my part. I’m sad to say, someone else didn’t but it happens right?

Yes. It happens to all of us.

But my delivery man today won my respect. He showed up and took one for the team and has my vote for office. He was humble, honest and is the type of person I instantly can put my trust into. Could he of blamed someone else for the missing part? Absolutely. Did he? Absolutely not.

Life Lesson of the Day: Be honest. Own your part. Eat crow if you have to. Come to the table as you are, apologize where you need to and don’t take ownership of something that is not yours to take on.