I’m not even home. I’m empty without students in another drivers bus sitting in some church parking lot because I need to write this now. In this moment.

My driver has got an oldies radio station playing and I dared not touch it this afternoon when I sat down in the seat and turned the ignition on at 2:25 PM. I rolled my eyes and thought of turning it off because I love 80’s and 90’s and this is more like 50-70’s and I can’t even. Whatever. I’m not in the mood but I have a habit of screwing up electronics when I touch them so I determine I can suck it up.

I will live.

I drove and my head has settled heavy into my heart. Like heavy. I’m deeply lost in thought and I don’t miss a single students stop so I considered the afternoon a win.
I pull around to my next to last stop and a thought popped in my head. What if I lived my life like I was ridiculously loved. 👈🏻 THAT was my thought. Because I tell you, I have stuff in my life trying to tell me that I am not.

So what if?

And I kid you not, just yesterday some friends and I had lunch and I said these words, “I miss being intentional. I miss looking for Jesus.”

Because I’ve lost a lot of intentionality.

So I think about what life could maybe look like if I believed I was ridiculously loved.


Like CRAZY loved. Hmmm….

And over the radio another song comes on.

It’s ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me.”


Jesus just sang to me. Through and oldies station. In a school bus.