Ok, I admit. I don’t see actual dead people, but I did recently watch Sixth Sense. Have you e-v-e-r? Creepers. Synopsis in a nutshell: Dead people have a story to tell and long to been seen and heard just as much as alive people.

And I am an alive person.

So here’s the deal: Every now and then, you encounter something someone does and that something kind of stings. Just. A. Bit.

👉🏻👉🏻Like when someone asks you a question and you THINK they want to engage in an actual conversation so you show up ready to be fully present and they pay no mind TO YOUR ANSWER (hence it feels like TO YOU). Distracted. Dismissive. Walk away. 👈🏻👈🏻 THAT.

Did they even WANT to know? WHY then did they ask? Seriously, moments like this take your breath away as you stand alone scratching your head…

Stating of course for a friend.

I used to think those things happened to show me how crappy people were and in their crappiness, how it was wise to guard myself around them because sneak peaks are life little gifts that tell you what people are all about before you trust them with the heart you’re about to give them.

These. Are. REAL. Thoughts. I never said they were good thoughts or even TRUTH-TELLING ones but they are real.

Of course, they are thoughts of a friend.

Luckily I’ve been pursuing this noble thing called love because I really want to know what love is, so I can love well.

Because we are commanded to do just that. Love well.

And on my pursuit, I have discovered that love really isn’t a something but a Someone. Love is the very person of Jesus actively hands-on in my life so in that moment when life kind of stings and I am left standing alone, out of breath and sorts…He is there and He turns my pointed finger. BACK. TO ME. 

Scripture says that Jesus went to “lonely” places to pray and to me, prayer is just one big ongoing conversation with the Father, so in my lonely places, I spend time with Him. In the places that hurt and sting, where I don’t understand the WHY’S, He says, “Come to me because you are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.”

And He does.

So now when these happenstance’s occur and I prepare my heart for THIS and it turns out THAT, I use it as an opportunity to better understand HOW to see people. Like the one in front of you…the very one who is longing to genuinely connect, not haphazardly touch base. The one who is feeling a little dead on the inside in some spot. The very one that needs touched, healed and brought back to life. The one that then goes back to their village and says, “Come!!! Meet the man who knows everything I ever did.”

That the one I want to see.

Folks, the letters in red never once read, “Worship me” so there is no rhyme or reason in getting conformable in our pews. The person of Jesus said, “Follow Me” and if you spend any amount of time with Him today in your every day real world, He says those words still.

In following him, we worship Him. Plain and simple. 

The great and magical thing is this: We can follow Jesus everywhere and anywhere! When He says, “SEE that woman over there? Now GO.” Seriously, we have all had those moments when we KNOW. Those moments when our hearts cry out and we are magnetically pulled TO someone and we don’t fully understand WHY. Those are the moments when it comes back to us. Will we trust Him? WILL WE FOLLOW?

My “friends” moment is real. We all screw up our every encounters with the real people in our lives. We don’t try to, I am convinced, but we do. We hurry past, we have agendas and things to do on top of the fact that we are carrying around our own junk and some times, we. just. don’t. see.

I don’t want to miss anyone folks. Not one. My prayer this year is that I slow down. Like the hell down. Yesterday was my birthday and I had all these amazing people reaching out and into me and part of me feels like I’ve done a crappy job at being a friend this year. Life got big and heavy and my knees bore the weight and some days (weeks if I am honest) I crumpled and self-protected, but since I was created IN relationship FOR relationship, I choose to get back up. I can wait till I FEEL like following and I can wait till I am magnetically and undeniably pulled to do so…or I can walk in WHO I was created to be and know that it is my birthright to SEE people, even dead ones who need life breathed back into their dry bones. It is one of the many, glorious reasons why we walk this Earth.

To bring life.

So friends, when life stings, DON’T take the chicken exit and make it about THEM. Just see better so YOU can better walk.

Awareness is a beautiful thing.