I got two texts and one phone call today and they all sort of sounded the same, starting with, “I really hate to tell you this…”

Our road has never been the kindest to the animals that attempt to cross it. We lost an indoor cat once to its traffic the day she escaped so when friends reached out today and said, “A cat has been hit in front of your house,” I swallowed hard.

Yes indeed, but luckily not one of ours.

And each friend all expressed the same, how GRUELING it was to reach out and share that it may have been OUR cat. I liken it to the sort of pit-in-your-stomach- feeling that sinks deep, like when you see a friends husband out with another woman at the pub…

Those conversations are never easy.

But as conversations go, hindsight is always 20/20.

“If only I had spoken up.”

So friends, this is short and sweet…SPEAK UP.

But before you do…

It’s not tattling if your our own heart is checked so do yourself and the person that you care about a favor before you speak…know YOUR motives. If it’s genuine and sincere and your heart is just filled and overflowing…maybe it’s time to make the call. Maybe it’s time to look them in the eyes and grab their hands…

And if your heart is not in the right place, if you sincerely do not care and are all caught up in catching someone doing something wrong or vindictively hurting another out of your own offenses and insecurities, or you cannot wait to share the news with your circle of friends…I do not care what you SEE or KNOW


You have to open your heart to open your mouth.

People know the difference.

And we all need people in our life that will speak hard truth to us in love. Just make sure it’s love before you speak it.