Today I encountered him as I pulled out of the development. The helper. He slowed down and put his four-ways on, which in the school bus world means, “go ahead.” He does this just about every day because I hear his fellow drivers come over the two-way in our office or if I’m in a bus I witness it for myself. They thank him for letting them out and when the exchange happens, it makes my heart happy and I smile.

I wonder…

Does he even know what he is doing?

He is just one of many I know. Disguised as nice, they go slow in life and take their time, often taking the unbeaten path. They don’t get bothered by much and they are generous to the bone. They put you at ease in their presence and you realize it actually brings them great joy and satisfaction to reach out to people.  These helpers aren’t just your regular run-of-the-mill helpers who help on occasion or when the mood strikes them right. Theses helpers are intentional to their core.

WHO can I help?

I think any of us can walk out our door in the morning and can come across someone who obviously needs assistance. The broken down car. The woman totting toddlers out of the store with an armful of bags. The little old lady who can’t quite reach the top shelf but is trying. Some are easier to spot than others, but the treasure lays within the hunt…

WHO can I intentionally help?

These recipients don’t necessarily need it; there are no flags waving or obvious signs that a helper’s presence is requested. The recipients are just every day random people like you and I who go about their day and suddenly, it’s as if an angel is assigned at just the right time unbeknownst to them.

To receive an intentional act of kindness when kindness is unexpected is a gift, but the real gift is in being introduced to the treasure hunter themselves.

Intentional helpers are Jesus in the flesh. They go out of their way, much like Jesus did with the woman at the well, and SEE the person in front of them and they don’t just DO good, they SOW good. Their generosity is contagious and before you know it if you’ve encountered one, you find yourself running back into town saying, “You won’t believe WHO I just met!”

I found myself inclined to pay it forward this evening. I had asked our youngest daughter to clean her room, but this time, instead of watching her walk up the steps alone, I followed close behind and joined her. She turned around surprised and asked, “What are you doing?” in which I replied,“I’m going to help.”

Because I wanted to.

We kept quiet and busied ourselves to get the job done and afterwards, I noticed she immediately went outside and helped her brother stack wood by the shed.

Because she wanted to.

I think this is how it’s supposed to go. Being an intentional helper is life-giving and inspiring. It’s movement and momentum and incredibly generous. I am so incredibly grateful to have been sought out today, even if it just seemed like the right thing to do.

The right thing to do is always…SEE ONE ANOTHER.