It’s Valentine’s Day, so of course my husband has popped into my mind a time or two. As I write this, I know that at some point I will be confronted with this thought and may secretly wish I never had it. If that’s the case, I hope I allow myself to be challenged enough to sit in it.

“The relationships we have, especially our closest, act as a barometer. Our thought life and the manner in which we interact with those closest to us is a good indicator of our how we view ourselves…and how we view ourselves is a direct result (in my opinion) of our relationship with God.” End thought.

THAT responsibility is a weighty one, but one I believe in my heart we are to bear. It is easier to complain about what someone else is doing than to own up to OUR part and let him or her bear their own. It would be easier to shift the weight from one side of the scale to the other instead of looking at OUR contribution, but easy is never the answer.

When we do the hard work and bear our own weight, even when blame is rightly assigned, we are more compassionate towards one another, more understanding, more grace-filled. I know for ME, I have a really hard time pointing fingers after I’ve taken a long and honest assessment of myself. It is only then I realize, I have a lot of discovery and maturing within me to do.

There is an order to things, even if I wish there wasn’t. Jesus was asked over and over, “Teacher, which is the greatest…” and the answer was always the same.

Love God.
Love others AS yourself.

You know what that means, right? Look at yourself BEFORE you look at others. Love there.

It’s where I’ll start.
It’s where I’ll end too.