I’d like to say THIS is the first step, and though in a sense it is, it is one of thousands I have taken over the years. Each step has led me here and the next step will lead me there, wherever there is. It is how it goes. Life is composed of steps, of jumps and leaps terribly painful falls but their function and goal are to get me where I need to go and where I long to be. The long and the short of it really is this, steps help me learn to LIVE my best life as my most authentic self and to learn how to LOVE the greatest of all loves. At the end of the day, is there really anything else?

So here, on THIS white page, in my own little nook and cranny in cyber space, in what I hope is my  home, I begin again or rather, I continue. Hope? Yes hope. I have found with stepping, jumping, leaping, even falling…movement is good. Movement places your feet in some direction and personally, I have often felt directionally challenged. Just ask my kids as I try driving somewhere new without a GPS. Better yet, ask them about my driving WITH a GPS. Sometimes, I get mixed up and make a whole lot of LEFT’S when I should have been making RIGHT’s.

Life is NO different. Stepping, the same. My HOPE is that I’m going in a direction that will continue to teach me, remaining a consummate student of Life’s Little Lessons.

Have YOU ever had this THING in you, be it a dream or a vision or something that feels stuck in your gut that you cannot describe that you really don’t know HOW or WHY or WHEN, you just know it is IN you; sitting and waiting to be found like some treasure that has been tucked away longing to be discovered and explored?

But you have to try right? You have to step to figure it out.

But as most things IN us, figuring it out takes time.

Time. It is such a beautiful companion, an ever constant friend.

Time has told me, “Begin again. Try once more. Not quite, but how about this? Close. Almost, you are just about there. YES!” Time has told me, “Each step that you in what you DO, reveals WHO you are. Your actions are a natural extension of your identity.” So I step and I figure out what is ME and what is not and I tarry on.

I step.

I jump.

I leap.

I fall.

And through it all, life is discovered. I am.

Ultimately, HE IS.

So welcome to my house, well…kind of. If you have been my friend on Facebook, I want to sincerely thank you. You have been most gracious and encouraging of my stepping even though you may be secretly breathing a huge sigh of relief that you won’t have to press “MORE” to finish reading out my thoughts as I get kind of wordy as most think, feely Word-Smiths do. I’ve realized that for the last few years, most of my “friends” wake up to coffee and contemplation and I am in their feed without them having ever asked to be outside of accepting a friend request (and when I say “I”… I really mean “My Heart”).  I do not regret sharing what I have because I sacrificed surface-living at the altar years ago but as of late, I long for more.

I want friends to walk through my front door and sit at my table WITH me. Window shoppers sure are pretty and crowds draw a fuss but they rarely invest and I long for investment. Perhaps you are standing at the window but I urge you, come to the threshold and step in (you WILL NOT hurt my feelings if you won’t and YES, I have already thought long and hard about the fact that you MAY NOT). If you do, please consider doing two things:

  1. SUBSCRIBE or FOLLOW or however it is all worded on this blog. Add your email and you will get notified when I post. Facebook will NO longer be the means in which I share my every-day-random musings.
  2. Please consider inviting your friends to do the same. I have a really B-I-G table and I am looking to fill it with friends who are stepping, no matter the speed. We can all learn from one another because each and every one of us are significant contributors  and though I do not know HOW we will all tie in together, I just KNOW we will. It’s how we are designed, FOR relationship.

So yeah for this first step!! THANK GOD it is finished and I am nearing the end of the page on this white screen. New steps feel weighty till you do them and this has felt as such as I mulled it around in this heart of mine. Know when I hit POST, I will be sitting around that big, old table with my feet propped, pouring myself a tall glass of wine when the work day is done. CHEERS!

P.S.   A HUGE thank-you to Marti and Alex. Who knew some tacos and cup of joe would be enough to help set this site up, you are both easy people to do life and I appreciate you both SO much.

Love to you all,